Industrial Robotics

In-Comm Training Services

Course duration

10 day – HNC accredited course

Progression and benefits

Developing their knowledge further with a full HNC course.

About the course

Level 4

  • A greater understanding of the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic operation of common industrial robots
  • Know how to select and programme an industrial robot for given requirements
  • Be able to consider safety considerations
  • Be able to assess the economic future of robot technologies in manufacturing


This level 4, ten-day course encourages learners to investigate the range, operation and benefits of industrial robots within manufacturing applications.

Among the topics included are industrial robot selection and programming and safety protocols that anticipate future developments in industrial robot technology.

Pearson accredits this programme as part of their Level 4 suite of Higher National Unit qualifications.

Popular modules

  • Introduction to and a history of robotics
  • Types of robots
  • Robotic applications
  • Benefits of automation
  • Robotic foundations: axes, kinematics, co-ordinates, frames & arm configuration
  • Safety & cell design; aspects, hardware and offline programming
  • Operator supervision
  • Interfacing with PLC and use of HMI
  • I/O overview
  • Home/Ref positioning
  • Use of registers
  • Pendant layout & safety


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